Saturday, February 25, 2012

Occupy the Y wk 7: YIKES! (Beautiful Mind)

(No, this is not my actual CT scan.)

So on Thursday at the Y we head over to the Paramount Weight Machines to start a rotation of three leg workouts. And Nicole says, "Let's do sets of 50." (We usually do 20.)

I'm thinking, "Holy schnikies, I'm going to have to bust it through these or there's no way I'm going to get 50 reps on multiple rotations of these three machines." And so I do. I'm kickin' 'em as fast as I can.

After I get done with the second machine (leg extensions), I get the slightest touch of a headache; but it goes away. After two more machines I'm back on Mr. Leg Extension. I'm kickin in. Then it kicks back: "WHAM!" Instantaneous ridiculously painful headache. Feels like someone hit me with a knife on the top/back center of my cranium. It stopped me cold in my tracks.

After sitting there a few seconds, I tell Nicole what's going on. "That's not good," she calmly and seriously says. "That's not good. Maybe you should get your blood pressure checked."

After a few minutes of walking it off and contemplating the rest of the workout and that freakish never-before-experienced headache, I decide to head over to Dr. Haendigas' office since I was due to weigh in anyway and they always take my vitals.

They take my blood pressure: high. "Let's get Dr. Haendigas in here." I get a little uneasy now as nurse DeAnna has instructions to not let me out of her sight. Hmmm. Enter Dr. Haendigas.

Doc: "I want you to get a CT scan."
Me: "Seriously? Do I really need one?"
Doc: "I'm concerned about the pain in your head while working your legs. This may be nothing but...yes, you are my friend, and I want you to do this."

I cannot express how highly I think of Dr. Haendigas and her staff. When I'm there it doesn't feel like medical staff and patient; it feels like friends--well, because we are now. Having the nurses express concern and for Dr. Haendigas to look me in the eyes and say, "you're my friend and I want you to go." Well friends, that makes a profound impression. And it was great to hear DeAnna say, "You'll be in my prayers." I so admire and love these ladies. If you need help losing weight, I can't recommend Dr. Haendigas enough. And no, I don't get anything for mentioning her in my blog. I'm simply a fan...and a friend.

My day got even better when Sandra & I got to the hospital and our favorite nurse, Jaime Verlee was working ER. (Sandra missed her Y dinner to be with her man; she's my awesomeness!)

After the 5 minute CT scan, Dr. Williams came in with incredibly positive, almost pumped, body language and tone. "...we even had our specialist in Indy look at your scan already, and your brain is perfect...your brain is beautiful!"

"Doc, I'm seriously going to tweet that."

(At this point Sandra is officially over listening to me recant the doc's quotes...)

He explained that at this age they can see future nastiness like dementia, and other long term brain-related yuckiness and my brain looks awesome. He told me to go back to the gym and keep working hard!

So what happened--why the headache?
It seems that Jaime Verlee was the first to crack the mystery when she asked, "So were you breathing when you were kickin' these reps?" (She knew this from her own workout experience.)

As I reflected on her question, I thought probably not. I was probably holding my breath several times during the 50 reps and my brain told me to stop it, idiot!

Friday, Dave Dubois did a great job of explaining breathing and weights--all great stuff because I'm clueless to this world. Dave & I went on to have a solid 45 minute cardio workout on the elliptical machines. I felt good.

Lesson learned: breath, idiot! ;-)

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