Monday, February 13, 2012

Occupy the Y wk 6: Belts & Stairs Don't Lie

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I can barely believe that I'm writing about the beginning of my sixth week of 5 day a week workouts at the Y. (Right now I'm just pausing and trying to keep it together as I'm awash in emotion...)

I am amazed I've come this far. It's feeling normal. I look forward to it most days. I even went out of my way to visit our trainer, Nicole, in her Yankee Candle store the other day. Over the weekend I actually considered working out on one of my days off. I didn't, but the fact I was seriously considering it is insane for me.

It was a good weekend. Several people at Oakbrook commenting that I'm looking better and a friend I hadn't seen since before the Tres Hombres got together said he definitely noticed a difference. And he offered a great line, as George often does, "Belts and stairs don't lie."

So true. You know which notch your belt is in and if it's loose or tight. And after a flight of stairs you know how winded you feel; there's no disguising either of those barometers. Thankfully I'm seeing progress in both of these areas. (Even though Nicole let us out of stairs last Thurs...she may be taking a shine to us--even though she'd never admit it ;-)

Crazily Dave is dropping pounds like F-bombs in Good Will Hunting (19 so far!--lbs not curse words). Ironically I'm not. So I had some blood drawn last week and tomorrow I get to sit down with the good Dr. Haendigas and see what my body's doing. As weight is only one measure of health, she monitors a wide spectrum of data. And even though I'm not dropping much weight these past 5 weeks, my belt and clothes are telling me things are changing for the better. And I'm feeling better than I can remember in a long time. So we'll see.

Last week Chad was lounging around in Mexico on vacation, so it will be nice tomorrow for the Dos Hombres to get back to Tres.

I can't say enough about the power of a team when starting something new, like a workout routine. Accountability in Dave & Chad plus the knowledge of Nicole is an amazing blessing. I could not do this alone. And again, the Y staff is a great group of encouragers!

The Tres Hombres are at the YMCA gasping for breath Mon-Fri 4-5pm.

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