Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy the Y: Day 1 of 12 Weeks

photo dubiously acquired from Kokomo Perspective...

The last couple months of 2011 ended positively with a great partnership with Dr. Haendigas' medical weight loss program. Lost 20 lbs and continuing on with her great staff--wonderful program and people!

Now to add the piece of the Haendigas puzzle that I heretofore have not been very good at: (enter music of dread) Physical Exercise!

Thanks to my wife, the YMCA and personal trainer, Nicole Peele (oy--if she only knew what she was getting herself into) YMCA CEO Dave Dubois, Kokomo Perspectivian Chad McCarter and I will spend five days a week working out together under Nicole's Torquemadian guidance for the next twelve weeks.

For simplicity in the future I'll simply refer to us as the Tres Hombres. That sounds slightly of infamy but simply translated: three guys. How descriptive and apt.

I have to admit, approximately 2 hours from workout #1 I'm a little nervous. Human nature; fear of the unknown. And slightly nervous about my lower back disc issues; I ain't a kid anymore!

All jokes aside, I truly appreciate the Kokomo YMCA and Nicole and the other Dos Hombres for making this opportunity possible. More than the nervousness, I am looking forward to pursuing physical health in a holistic way that I've never done before. What an opportunity!

So look for the occasional blog update and follow along on "the twitters" @morgancafe. Now let's get this party started! ;-)