Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Photographer?

So I've been telling people, "I'm not a wedding photographer." Why?
1. People can be really uptight at weddings (Bridezilla is a word.)
2. You've got one shot at it; ONE.
3. They're Fri. and nearly all day/night Saturday.
4. Um yeah, I have a job ;-)

Contrary to my words, I've accidentally done two:

I said yes to EJ & Alyssa because they're great young people and I wanted to give them a (hopefully) great gift. I said yes to Echo because she's Echo: she has a great personality, would never be a Bridezilla, doesn't know how to take a bad photo and her location was to die for.

I'm not sure who in their right mind asks someone to photograph their wedding, whose really not shot a wedding before. But perhaps Echo's reckless confidence in my modest photography skills made me want to do it. Who doesn't like a wild card? A long shot? A little risk?

So currently...I have two people asking about my availability to shoot their weddings. What to do? What to do?

Feel free to weigh in.